Why Randy & Sharona?

While it seemed that most Monk fans that we have seen tended to pair Adrian and Sharona together (while she was still on the show at least), we didn't see any romantic chemistry between the two of them.  It's true that she spent nearly all of her time with Adrian, but there were so many cute moments between her and Randy in almost every episode.  She may have teased him, and he may be have been a bit naive, but what it all came down to was that they were good friends who knew that the other wouldn't be hurt by a little friendly banter. Although Randy seemed as if he was joking around with her whenever he asked her out, he really did care for her.  Sharona always turned Randy down, and episode after episode proved that she had terrible taste in men.  Although her boyfriends were usually 'macho' or rich, they never provided her with what she really needed. Randy could be dorky and gullible, but he was really sweet and just an all around good guy, which did not really fit in with Sharona's 'type'. Sharona did have feelings for Randy as well, but hadn't really come to terms with them by the time she left the show.

As the series progressed, we were hoping the writers would continue this potential relationship, but that didn't end up happening because Sharona was written out of the show.  It was a shame, because there were always moments between Randy and Sharona, and it seemed as if it was going in the direction of a possible relationship between the two of them before Sharona left. Apparently we were right about that, because when Sharona returned for an episode in the last season of the show, she and Randy picked up their relationship right where they last left off. Both Randy and Sharona realized that their old feelings were still there for one another and decided to take their relationship to the next level. By the last episode of the series, Randy was moving to New Jersey to be with Sharona, and we were still in shock that a couple we thought had no chance of ever being together actually were!

- Liz