Why Ray & Florian?

I absolutely adore Ray and Florian; they are just one of my all time favorite couples.  Gorgeous Carat is such a wonderful series, and I still have hope that one day we will see Ray and Florian end up as a couple.  They have such an interesting dynamic, and it such a thrill to watch them around each other.  Ray's relationship with Florian began as an obsession with his jewel colored eyes, when he bought the aristocrat from his mother instead of the family heirloom that Florian's mother possessed.  It was interesting to watch Florian go from despising Ray and his profession as Noir to caring deeply about him and even helping out on some of Noir's conquests.  As of Gorgeous Carat Galaxy, the most that these two have shared is a kiss, but the need that they seem to have for each other is undeniable.

This couple is one of my favorites because the two of them are such well rounded characters.  Florian, although he tends to unintentionally play the role of damsel in distress, is really just a well meaning guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.  He would do anything to help someone if he thought he could, or even if he couldn't, and he didn't let all the horrible things that happened to him in the series break him.  Ray is a complicated character who, for all his tough words and intelligence, is really just a teenager who wants to protect the things he cares about.  He takes everything on himself and internalizes it all, although it seemed that it was getting harder for him to hide his emotions and feelings around Florian.  These two are one of my favorite pairs and I look forward to seeing where the future will take them!

- Liz

Ray (aka Noir)