Why Sawyer & Kate?

Let me start off by saying that I hate love triangles.  Sawyer and Kate have such great chemistry together and are in the middle of a such a great and angsty love story, but it is not able to progress fully because of the writers pandering to the small group of fans still holding out for Kate to hook up with Jack.  Now, Sawyer and Kate's relationship will take a lot of time to progress into something healthy, but it would be much easier if there weren't still signs of another guy chasing after Kate (or rather Kate chasing after another guy, Jack does not seem very interested).  Kate is the only one on the island that tried to understand Sawyer in the beginning, and he is the only one with whom she can fully be herself.  They both have troubled pasts and have had a rough history together on the island, but if they work together they can help each other overcome their baggage and realize that they do deserve something good.

When I started watching Lost, I jumped on the Charlie and Claire ship, but once that started to sink I realized that Sawyer and Kate were a much more interesting couple.  I always liked the two together, but didn't realize how much chemistry they really have together until I rewatched all of the episodes.  Even in the pilot there are bits of romance between the two of them, and that was after only a few days together.  They have had lots of problems and angst throughout the show, but they always come back to each other and respect one another enough to forgive.

- Jen