Why Seiji & Midori?

We were a little unsure about watching "Midori Days" at first because the premise was so strange.  A man wakes up one morning to find out that his right hand has turned into a girl?  It's just weird.  But then we read more about the show and decided to give it a chance.  We're glad we did because it was such a cute show and the relationship between Seiji and Midori was so sweet.  Seiji was an outcast, the bad boy at school who wanted nothing to do with anyone, and Midori was a very timid girl who fell in love with him from afar.  By getting to know each other (they didn't really have a choice given their situation), both blossomed and were able to change their ways.

When we first started watching anime, we picked ones based on whether or not our favorite voice actors were in them.  This method led us to some great shows, but also some that were not so great.  Now we have let go of our former criteria and try to just find ones with really great characters and stories.  We tend to gravitate towards those focusing on the relationships between the characters rather than the action filled ones.  We are suckers for romance and love a happy ending.  "Midori Days" did not disappoint us and has quickly become one of our favorite anime shows and manga series.

- Jen