Why Yuki & Shuichi?

We had not been watching anime for too long at the time we first heard about Gravitation. It sounded really interesting, and we ended up buying all five disks within two days and watched them all just as quickly. The show was really fun and had a good balance of fluff and serious scenes, and the relationship between Yuki and Shuichi was completely adorable. It was actually the first boys love series that we watched, and we have it to thank for not only turning us into yaoi obsessed fangirls, but also for getting us into manga. Gravitation was the very first manga that we read, and now we are completely hooked on manga in addition to anime. The anime series was 12 episodes long and there was an OVA DVD called "Lyrics of Love". The original manga was 12 volumes long, but it continued in the ongoing "Gravitation EX" series. The manga series went much deeper into the story and the relationship between Yuki and Shuichi.

Yuki and Shuichi were such a compelling couple. On the surface, it seemed like Yuki was unemotional and mean and Shuichi was whiny and crazy, but it went much deeper than that. From their first meeting, you never would have expected them to end up where they did at the end of the series. It was so interesting to watch their personalities come out throughout the story, and to see how they were changed by being with each other. I think that although they were very different, that they really helped balance each other out and brought something to the relationship that the other lacked but needed in their life. These two are one of my absolute favorite pairings.

- Liz