Why Sinbad & Maeve?

The Soulmates section of our page actually originated on our Adventures of Sinbad page (the website has since been taken down but much of it has been moved here into the TV Shows section).  We had just a few couples in there with only a quote and a song that reminded us of them.  Sinbad and Maeve were the reason we started the Soulmates sections, because we just loved their story.  Sinbad and Maeve had a wonderful, unspoken relationship that many fans of the show followed.  "The Village Vanishes" (the ep they kissed) immediately became a fan favorite and I think I can count on one hand the number of actual fan-fics written solely about Rongar, Doubar, or Firouz.

The second season of the show was such a mess.  The end of the first season was at a turning point in the series that they could have done anything with.  Turok, Rumina, and Scratch were all together and out to get Sinbad and the crew, Maeve and Sinbad were getting closer, and the crew was happy.  Then the first ep of the second season rolled around and the massive changes were apparent from the moment the opening credits began.  Sinbad changed into a tough leather-wearing womanizer, Maeve was replaced with a woman with amnesia (who just so happened to also be a sorceress and became Dermott's new keeper), and the rest of the crew barely had a point throughout the whole season.  Bryn was a poor attempt to replace Maeve and it seemed that very little thought was put into her character or backstory.  As a Sinbad and Maeve shipper it was hard to remain a fan of the show, because the best part about it was gone, although there was a terrific fandom with lots of fans who contributed a lot to keeping the memory of the couple alive!

- Liz