Why Stanley & Mimi?

I started watching Jericho after the show was completely finished airing, and it was really only because I had nothing else to watch.  I saw the beginnings of another boring love triangle that I was not willing to be sucked into, and was expecting to just watch the show without shipping anyone... and then enter Stanley and Mimi.  The farm boy/city girl dynamic may have been present, but it was not the basis of their relationship.  The characters of Stanley and Mimi both had a lot more to them than those labels, and so their relationship blossomed and drew me in.

I have shipped a lot of couples, but never has one left me feeling more satisfied than Stanley and Mimi.  Perhaps it was just that the show didn't last long enough to screw up their relationship, or they just had writers bold enough to put a mature and loving relationship on the screen without any added crap.  A love story does not have to get stale and boring when the couple finally comes together, and Stanley and Mimi were proof of this.  They had minor issues with each other and while they had problems to face, they were from outside influences and they faced them together.  No love triangle, no one messing with their relationship, Stanley and Mimi were just real and it was such a joy to watch their adorable love story unfold throughout the show.

- Jen