Submitted Soulmates
Here are the couples that have been submitted to our page by visitors.  If you would like to submit a couple, please read the rules at the bottom before sending them in.  Thanks to all who have contributed!
Submit your own Soulmates!

If you would like to submit a section for one of your favorite couples, please read the rules below before sending them in.  Please look through the above submissions for an idea of what should be included.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us.  Thanks!

  • Choose a couple you like that is fictional and does not already have a section.

  • Write the text for the section. Below are some things you can include:

    • Intro - a short three/four sentence introduction to the couple
    • Why - a paragraph on why you think the couple is meant for each other
    • Info - a few paragraphs of background information on the couple and what they are from
    • Future - where do you see the couple in the future?
    • Quote - quote(s) the couple said that shows their love for each other
    • Pictures - a few pictures of the couple that we can post

  • Send it to us! Please type the information in an e-mail and attach the pictures (or links to the picures) in the e-mail.  Please make sure that you proofread and spell check your section.  Try and make sure that someone who has never seen/played whatever your couple is from will be able to understand why you think that they should be together. Please send your submission to and make sure to title it "Soulmates Submission" so we don't accidentally delete it as spam.