Why Ted & Blake?

Queer As Folk had a lot of romantic relationships between all of the characters, but arguably none of the other couples were given the build-up, care, and pay off that Ted and Blake had in their story together. Their's was not an easy road, either individually or as a couple, but seeing all of the hardships they went through makes the ending of the show that much sweeter. Throughout the series, Ted and Blake always had really bad timing, where there were outside issues preventing them from working as a couple each time they came together again. However, the love and bond that they shared always remained and only grew stronger until they were both finally in a place in their lives when they could embark on a healthy relationship together.

By all accounts, Ted and Blake should not have had a happy ending together. They had their resolution and accepted that they couldn't be together due to various circumstances in their own lives, and no amount of hoping on our parts was going to get them together. Blake was not on the show since the middle of season 4, and Ted seemed to have moved on. Having Blake show up again in the series finale was such a pleasant surprise, and one that felt so completely right and earned, though looking back there was quite a lot of heavy handed foreshadowing that should have left no doubt that they would end up together. Ted and Blake had worked through their problems alone, and at the end of the show, we were left with the promise of a shared future together, full of visits to the opera and a bond that proved it could withstand anything that got in its way.

- Jen