Tommy and Kimberly

"You'll never stand alone." - Kimberly

Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart are from the action TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They first met at a karate tournament when Tommy moved to Angel Grove and Kimberly found herself instantly attracted to him. Just as they started to form a friendship, Tommy got inadvertently mixed up in the battle between the Power Rangers and the evil Rita Repulsa. Kimberly never stopped believing in him and he not only overcame the spell he was under, but he eventually went on to become the leader of the Rangers. As friends and when in a relationship, Tommy and Kimberly just made each other happy and their special bond carried their romance throughout all three seasons of the Mighty Morphin series.

Thinking back, I am pretty sure that Tommy and Kimberly were the first couple that I ever truly shipped. Tommy was always so sweet, kind, and thoughtful towards Kimberly, and he always did anything and everything he could to make her smile. Whether it was rebuilding her damaged float for the parade, buying her her favorite childhood book, or conceding the school election to her, he was always there for her and on her side. And Kimberly's optimism and compassion kept him going during the dark days when his powers were failing, because she knew that there was something heroic about him as a person that even exceeded his Ranger powers. They made an adorable couple who could always depend on one another whether it was as Rangers or in their personal lives. It was so gratifying to watch the progression of their relationship from their first shy smiles towards each other, to their first kiss, to a comfortable long term relationship.

When an opportunity for Kimberly to follow her dream presented itself, Tommy offered her his full encouragement even though it meant she would have to leave the team and they would have to be apart. After she left, there was always something missing from both the show, the group, and Tommy's life. And even though they did not get back together after they parted ways, they will always be soulmates to me.


Episode 1-31 (Calamity Kimberly)

Tommy: "How about if I walk you home after school?"

Kimberly: [thinking about her unlucky morning] "Well, you know anything could happen?"

Tommy: "Hey, I'll take my chances."

Kimberly: "Okay."

Episode 1-35 (The Green Candle Part 2)

Kimberly: "How are you doing?"

Tommy: "I'm hanging. I've been working on my karate and focusing on my school work. Just trying to keep busy, you know?"

Kimberly: "We miss you."

Tommy: "Yeah, but you guys were a team long before I showed up. It will all be back to normal before long."

Kimberly: "I miss you." [they kiss]

Tommy: "I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

Kimberly: "Me too."

Episode 2-18 (White Light Part 2)

Tommy: "Hey, Beautiful, it's time to wake up."

Kimberly: "I don't believe it. I must be dreaming. Is it really you?"

Tommy: "In the flesh." [they hug]

Episode 2-48 (Storybook Rangers Part 1)

Kimberly: "I love fairy tales. I've always wanted to be a princess, and get rescued by a handsome prince on a white horse."

Tommy: "Well... how about a white tiger?"

Kimberly: "That would work."

Episode 3-21 - 3-23 (Changing of the Zords trilogy)

Kimberly: "Hey, Tom! We just got back, I couldn't wait to see you." [they kiss and hug] "How are ya?"

Tommy: "Good."

Kimberly: "Oh, look what I got you!" [pulls out her shopping bag]

Tommy: "There's got to be something we can do, Zordon. We can't lose Kimberly. I can't lose her."

Kimberly: "Well I guess this is the end of the pink ranger, huh?"

Tommy: "We can still share our powers with you."

Kimberly: "Yeah, for awhile but when that's over... Tommy... I'm really scared."

Tommy: "Remember what you told me when I lost my powers?"

Kimberly: "Yeah I said that you'd be okay. And that you would always have us all."

Tommy: "Yeah, and you'll have me. Kim, I'll always be here for you." [kisses her cheek]

Kimberly: "Thanks."

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