Tulio and Miguel

"This could be our destiny... our fate." - Miguel

Best friends and partners in crime Tulio and Miguel are from the comedic adventure movie The Road to El Dorado. I first saw the movie many years after it was first released, but after watching it once I felt like I had been a fan of it for years. I loved the dynamic between Tulio, the cautious and clever brains behind the schemes, and charming, free spirited, dreamer Miguel. They had a natural, easy going rapport with one another and were truly able to work on the same wavelength when the situation called for it, whether it was running a con or running from the law.

Their opposite personalities really brought a balance to their partnership and they were able to rely on one another's strengths to get them through anything. Where Tulio was a worrier and a planner, Miguel was always able to look on the bright side of any situation and had absolute confidence in Tulio's abilities to get them out of any jam. After a string of bad luck and narrow escapes led them on the trail to El Dorado, Tulio's doubts were eventually won over by Miguel's cheerful persistence. Once inside the city, Tulio went along with Miguel's quick thinking which ended up with him surrounded by the gold he sought after. Their bond was tested when Miguel found himself falling in love with the city and Tulio uttered the words 'forget Miguel' to the girl that had been flirting with him. Miguel overheard Tulio and Chel and the look on his face was one of heartbreak and betrayal. When Miguel decided to remain in the city, Tulio was taken aback, and although neither wanted to be separated, their hurt feelings and pride did not allow them to be honest with one another. Regardless of their own feelings, they each genuinely wanted the other to pursue what would make them happiest.

I tend to view their relationship more in a romantic light, but whether that was true or not doesn't really change the closeness or chemistry that they had or the history they shared. Miguel gave up the home that he found for himself to remain by Tulio's side, and Tulio, knowing how deeply it hurt when Miguel chose to stay, could move forward with the knowledge of just how important Miguel was to him. And even though they had lost the gold and the city, they still had one another.


Miguel: "Any regrets?"

Tulio: "Besides dying? Yeah. I never... had enough... gold."

Miguel: "My regret, besides dying, is our greatest adventure is over before it began and no one will even remember us."

Tulio: "Well, if itís any consolation, Miguel... You... made my life [crying] an... adventure."

Miguel: "And if itís any consolation, Tulio... You made my life... rich."

Tulio: "Woah, she's trouble. Wait a minute."

Miguel: "What?"

Tulio: "The little voice? Remember the little voice? Just... just for a second imagine that you have one. What would it be saying about Chel?"

Miguel: [purrs]

Tulio: [grabs Miguel] "No, no... Listen. *We* are partners."

Chief: "Lord Miguel. If you wish to stay, you only need to say so."

Miguel: "You mean, forever?"

Chief: "Of course."

Miguel: "No, I can't. I have to go back with Tulio. We're... we're partners."

Tulio: "Get off the boat, Miguel, or you'll never see the city again!"

Miguel: "I know. You don't think Iím going to let you have all the fun, do you?"

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