Why Tulio and Miguel?

I first saw ďThe Road to El DoradoĒ many years after it was released, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. Of course, it didnít hurt any that it was one of the slashiest movies Iíve seen. I mean, Iím more than likely going to pair up characters anyway, but itís really nice when the movie makes it so easy. Tulio and Miguel were another one of those pairings that pretty much come across as a couple already - they just donít come out and say it to the audience. I really enjoyed their dynamic and even though there was a love triangle sort of situation going on with the female character, it was obvious which relationship was more important to Tulio. I wanted to add this section for Tulio and Miguel in here because they really stood out to me. I read a lot of yaoi manga and for some reason, this potential couple intrigued me more than many of the couples Iíve read about recently that actually got together.

- Liz