Yoite and Miharu

"But for some reason... I can tell you're there more certainly than when I had all my senses. Miharu... look. The light of the stars streaming by... it's like we're in a dream." - Yoite

Miharu Rokujo and Yoite are from the anime and manga series Nabari No Ou, a story that revolved around various clans of ninjas that lived double lives underground. Miharu was an apathetic student who held an immense power that everyone in the hidden world wanted, although he was so disconnected from his emotions and feelings that he seemed to give little care to his situation. Yoite was a deeply broken individual who worked for a clan in the hidden world and was a master of the deadly Kira technique, which drained his life upon each use. Upon meeting, the two boys became utterly inseparable and had an incredibly touching bond.

Nabari No Ou was a very moving and heartbreaking character driven series. Miharu and Yoite, although they were not in a physical relationship, had one of the strongest emotional bonds that I've ever seen. They were drawn to each other almost instantly, and Miharu chose to fulfill Yoite's wish over all else. Miharu cared so much for Yoite and learned to really and truly feel something for another person through knowing him. And Yoite found in Miharu that he was not completely alone in the world and that he was actually capable of being loved. The two boys gave up absolutely everything familiar and safe to them in order to help each other, and Miharu even once thought about how Yoite almost felt like another version of himself. In the manga, Miharu carried through with Yoite's wish of being erased so he wouldn't have to feel anything after Yoite died, but ended up being tortured by the knowledge that something of utmost importance was missing in his life that he just couldn't reach.

The two of them had such a deep and affecting connection, and I believe that they truly personify the word soulmates. They were such a sweet pairing and, although the series was soul-crushing at times, I ultimately enjoyed their story and how they were able to find companionship and understanding in their world which was full of such ugliness and danger. From their awkward meetings, to the way they took care of each other and just seemed to completely and fully understand one another, they were just so dear. Their final scenes were so touching, how Yoite was able to show Miharu that he was finally content, and how Miharu was relieved that they had all regained the memory of his precious friend Yoite. They had a bond that would continue to live on through Miharu's memory and the others that knew and loved him.


Volume 6

Miharu: [thinking] 'It's true that back then, I was thinking of the others. But now it's different. Yoite is at the bottom of waters much deeper and darker than I'd thought before.'

Yoite: "Don't confuse me anymore."

Miharu: [thinking] 'Still, I can't really explain those feelings since I don't know much about them myself. I just didn't want to leave Yoite.'

Raikou: "Are you friends with Yoite?"

Miharu: "...Do we look like friends?"

Raikou: "There are all kinds of definitions of 'friends'. Hmm, well... But rather than friends, you two seem a little more like... Let's just say it's pretty obvious that your concern for Yoite has trumped all else?"

Yoite: [Miharu puts a scarf on Yoite] "..."

Miharu: "You looked cold."

Yoite: [takes off the scarf and hands it back] "I don't want it."

Miharu: "Hanabusa-san made it just for you, Yoite, so it's all yours."

Yoite: "I don't need it."

Miharu: "Just take it!" [Yoite throws scarf on floor] "Ah..." [picks up the scarf, wraps it around Yoite's neck, and smiles]

Volume 9

Yoite: "I've been lying to you. I didn't put any of my Qi into your friends at Banten. It's true that I can put pieces of my life inside others with Kira."

Miharu: "Yoite?"

Yoite: "But... I didn't. Because if I died before it was all over... and took them with me..."

Miharu: "Yoite."

Yoite: "...then you would still have memories of 'Yoite'."

Miharu: "Yoite."

Yoite: "So... I lied."

Miharu: (Why now?) "Why are you telling me this now?" (Why would you...) "Why would you...?" (...be so nice to me?) "So... so you lied to me. I lied too. The truth is, I might... already be able... to use the Shinra Banshou."

Yoite: "What...? What are you saying?"

Miharu: "The fairy said I just couldn't use it because I was uncertain. I'm not sure." (Yeah...) "I don't know what I should do! I promised you, but I'm not sure." (...it's an 'explosion'.)

Yoite: "I... I'm the one who's putting you through all this! I threatened you, got you mixed up in this mess, put you in danger! Miharu... you were supposed to be protected by the Banten Shinobi."

Miharu: (The feelings I've been keeping locked up inside...) "It's not your fault, Yoite. I went along because I wanted to." (...are turning into words...) "I can't go back now, and I won't! I thought I wanted to know more about you, but even if I did, it wouldn't change anything! Because you're you! And I'm with you." (...they won't stop!) "And I would be happy if we just kept going and never made it to Banten!"

Yoite: "What are you talking about!? I can't live much longer! Besides..."

Miharu: "I know! I know that! But you had to go and say something nice!"

Yoite: "You too, Miharu! You're making me unsure..."

Miharu: "That's 'cos, Yoite! I want you to liv-" [The driver of the truck starts singing loudly and startles Miharu. After a moment, he and Yoite both start laughing.]

Volume 11

Tobari: "You keep looking at your left hand. Is something wrong with it?"

Miharu: "Um... I don't really know. There's nothing there now, but... I feel like there was something there for a long time." [thinking] 'It's as if there's a string stretching out from the palm of my hand, connected to 'someone' somewhere far away. That's what it feels like.'

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