Why Yoite and Miharu?

"Nabari No Ou" was a very emotional and character driven series. Miharu and Yoite, although they were not in a physical relationship, had one of the strongest emotional bonds that I've ever seen. They were drawn to each other almost instantly, and Miharu chose to fulfill Yoite's wish over everyone else's. Although Yoite eventually decided to not have Miharu use the Shinra Banshou to erase his existence, Miharu was prepared to do anything to help his friend, even at the expense of his own feelings. Miharu cared so much for Yoite and learned to really and truly feel something for another person through their friendship. And Yoite learned from Miharu that he was not completely alone in the world and that he was capable of being loved. The two boys gave up absolutely everything familiar to them in order to help each other, and Miharu even thought about how Yoite almost felt like another version of himself.

The two of them had such a deep and affecting connection, and I believe that they truly personify the world 'soulmates'. I think that they were such a sweet pairing and I truly enjoyed their story. From their awkward meetings to the way they just seemed to completely understand one another, they were just so dear. And even though Yoite passed away at the end of the series, they had a bond that would surpass even death. Because Yoite decided not to be erased from the world, his memory would always live on through Miharu and the others that loved him.

- Liz