Why Yuichi & Wataru?

"Only the Ringer Finger Knows" was the third manga that I read (after I finished "Gravitation" and "Fake") and the relationship between the main characters quickly became one of my favorites.  After reading the other two series, it was really refreshing to read one where both people involved in the relationship were completely head over heels in love with each other.  Whereas in the other two, even though both people in each couple loved each other, they either had a hard time expressing it (Yuki) or it took awhile to accept their own feelings (Ryo).  It is true that the manga appeared to have the same type relationship at first, but when everything became clear at the end, it was just a huge "awwww" moment.  Yuichi and Wataru were just too cute, and I really enjoyed the novels that followed their relationship further.

- Liz