Why Yuri & Alice?

When I played the original Shadow Hearts, Alice always kind of bugged me because she came across as so helpless and I was tired of the male lead and female lead always falling for each other in every RPG.  However, halfway through the game I started to like Alice more and was really enjoying their progressing relationship.  I thought it was cute how they were both very open about their feelings and it was actually quite believable.  I thought it was sweet how they really both liked each other and I went online to figure out how to get the 'good' ending so that Alice would live.

When I got the second game, I was not happy to find out that it followed the 'bad' ending where Alice had died.  Throughout much of the game I was expecting it to turn out to be a Yuri and Karin romance, and was completely shocked when it didn't go in that direction.  I was so pleased at how much game time was dedicated to showing how Yuri was still completely in love with Alice, although it was sometimes hard to watch how much he struggled to ensure that the curse he was under would not take away his memories of her.  It was tough seeing Yuri die in the 'good' ending, but it was bittersweet because he got what he truly wanted -- to be reunited with Alice.

- Liz