"Way back in days of old, there was a legend told, about a hero known as Galavant" - Jester

Galavant was a delightfully campy comedy musical set in medieval times that ran for two short seasons on ABC from 2015-2016. While it didn't quite reach its potential until the very end of season 1 and it's a miracle that it got renewed, season 2 was an explosion of self-aware meta comedy and amazing original musical numbers, and it was an absolute shame that it was cancelled just after it hit its stride. The main premise is that a Knight named Galavant is on a quest to rescue his love Madalena after she is kidnapped by the evil King Richard and forced to marry him. The only problem with that is that Madalena would rather marry a rich king that she doesn't love and have an easy life than go back to Galavant. The first season follows Galavant as he is lured back to Richard's kingdom under the pretense that Madalena does still love him so that Richard can kill him, and the second follows newly BFFs Galavant and Richard as they set of to rescue Galavant's new "one true love" Princess Isabella and restore Richard to the throne that Madalena stole from him. For a show that had only 18 half hour episodes, they sure packed in a lot of storyline.

All of the characters are absolutely amazing, and what is really great is how much they all grew throughout the course of the show. King Richard was originally painted as a clueless man-child with no depth, but as the series progressed, his insecurities came forth to round out his character, and his inner strength shone through. Yes, he was still fairly clueless, but he was a fully realized person who you couldn't help but root for as he fumbled his way back to his throne and far surpassed everyone's expectations. Madalena seemed completely irredeemable in season 1, but both the actress and writers worked some magic in season 2 to give her some of the best material and make her one of the comedy standouts of the show. Her relationship with Gareth was also a pleasant surprise that seemed to come out of nowhere, but was so believable and adorable. Really, pairing up Gareth and Madalena together - as well as Galavant and King Richard - for the majority of season 2 was such a smart move and opened up so many new comedic avenues for everyone.

While it is sad that there will be no more Galavant to look forward to, it was able to go out at the top of its game and have a satisfying ending. Sure, there were some new stories teased that would have been interesting to see told, but as a whole, we got to see a complete modern fairytale through to the happily ever after. I'm sure Madalena would come back to cause problems for everyone in the future, but King Richard, Galavant, Isabella, Gareth, Tad Cooper, and everyone else we came to know and love would surely be ready to band back together and save the day once again. The hero will always prevail, even if he's stabbed in the chest with his own sword by his squire, so there's really no worry about them getting taken down by the D'Dew, but it would be a really fun fight to watch if a season 3 were to ever happen.

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