The Voice France

Simply put, The Voice France is the best reality singing competition I have seen, and it has managed to keep up its quality each season. The unique hook about The Voice is that the four coaches don't see the contestants as they are auditioning, they are only able to listen to the performance. If they decide that they would like a contestant on their team, they press a big red button and their chair turns around so they can watch the rest of the performance. If multiple coaches turn around, the contestant is able to choose their team. Each season is composed of several different rounds of competition, all leading to the live shows where the audience is able to vote for the contestants they would like to go further in the competition. Each coach ends up with a single contestant representing them in the finale from their original 16, where one person is crowned the most beautiful voice in France. Having never seen other incarnations of the franchise from around the world, I can't say for certain how similar or different other versions are, but I can say that The Voice France is an amazing show that I immensely enjoy watching each year.

The greatest thing about this show is that nothing appears to be manufactured or fake. Sure, the production values are really cheesy once the show reaches the live round each year, but that just adds to the charm of the entire show, and it wouldn't be the same if it started taking itself too seriously. The contestants each year are of a very high caliber, and those that make it far all tend to have an unique artistic view and something new to offer to the world of French music. The main goal of the coaches is not to create drama between themselves or make for good tv, but to help the contestants on their respective teams to progress so that they will be prepared to continue on their musical journeys after the show ends. They all genuinely care about all of the contestants and want to see them do well. Even those contestants that are eliminated early on in the competition are treated with respect by the entire show, and "The Voice News" segment of the after show "The Voice: La Suite" highlights several former contestants each week, whether they reached the final round or not.

I started watching The Voice France because Mika joined the show as a coach in season 3 and I had just started studying French, so I thought it would be a cool exercise. Several years later and I have gotten to the point where I can understand the vast majority of what is said on the show and get even more enjoyment out of my viewing experience. I love the camaraderie between the coaches, no matter who is part of the panel each year, and you can just tell that they are having a great time together. It never really matters who wins in the end because they are all rooting for each other and each other's contestants, and many contestants outside of the winner each year are given great opportunities once the show is over. While nothing will be able to surpass the greatness of season 4 (my three favorite contestants from the audition round ended up coming in first, second, and third respectively), I have been able to find several new artists to follow long after The Voice each season, and hope to find many more as the show continues.

Lilian Renaud, Anne Sila, David Thibault, Frero Delavega, Maximilien Philippe, MB14, Marvin Dupré
Mika, Zazie
Octobre (Lilian), Je t'aimais, je t'aime, et je t'aimerai (Anne Sila), Lose Yourself (Vincent Vinel), Crazy (Sol), Gangsta's Paradise (MB14), Caroline (Fréro Delavega), Just Can't Get Enough (Audrey), No Surprises (Grannhild), Pull marine (Valentin Stuff)
Fast Car (Marvin Dupré and Elise), I'm Still Standing (Clyde and Alexandre), Rolling in the Deep (Audrey and Julia Paul), Show Must Go On (Slimane and François)
Ultimate Test
A Thousand Miles (Anne Sila), Le Ballad de Jim (Marvin Dupré), Des armes (Sol), Les bonbons (Igit)
Live Performance
Angels (Lilian), Empire State of Mind (Anne Sila), Chandelier (Anne Sila), Wake Me Up (David Thibault), Close to Me (David Thibault), Comme d'habitude (Maximilien), Je m'voyais déjà (Fréro Delavega), Amsterdam (Antoine), In the Air Tonight (MB14), Starboy (Marvin Dupré)
It's Not Unusual (Maximilien and Igit), Tous les mêmes (MB14 and Arcadian), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Lilian and Josh Groban)