"Unless we can find a way of getting a dead guy to report in to Her Eminence, she will start to get suspicious. Shortly after that, we will start to get executed." - Negatus

Yonderland is an adorable British family comedy series from the minds of the original cast of Horrible Histories that ran for three seasons. It centers on the story of Debbie Maddox, an ordinary housewife who is somewhat bored with her life and stuck in a rut until she discovers the portal to another world called Yonderland in her kitchen cupboard. She finds out that she is the chosen one in this world and that the oddballs living there need her assistance to solve even the simplest of issues. With her companions Elf and Nick the Stick, Debbie travels around Yonderland to help out the hapless citizens from themselves and the machinations of the warlord Negatus as he attempts to bring Yonderland into the darkness.

Though touted as a "family" show, Yonderland has something for everyone to enjoy in it. It's smart and there is a lot of stuff in it that would have never made it past the American censors for a kids tv show. There are a ton of puppets that help to bring forth the fantastical otherworldlyness of Yonderland compared to our normal world. Each episode is fairly self-contained to the problem of the week that Debbie has to help solve while working to keep her family in the dark about her double life, but there is an overarching storyline and main villain each season that ties all of the episodes together. The recurring characters, notably The Elders, got more and more to do as the show evolved, to the benefit of everyone involved, as you could tell how much fun the actors had with those characters.

In the same vein as Monty Python before them - and continuing from Horrible Histories - the core group of six actors both wrote the show and starred as dozens of different characters each in any given episode. Martha and Simon didn't get as many roles due to the heightened importance of their main characters, but Mat, Jim, Ben, and Larry really got to stretch their acting and comedy chops in every episode as they came up with more and more outlandish characters for each other to play. The group already had a great rapport with one another coming off of five Horrible Histories series', so it was a joy to see them all back together again in a completely original production that they themselves created from inception. They are such a talented and funny group, and I love that they created an opportunity for themselves so that they could continue working together. Bonus points that it was really good and only got better as the seasons went on.

Elder Choop, Elder Vex, Negatus, The Crone
Closing the Portal, Elders 11, The Time Being, Up the Workers
The Negatus Redemption, Up the Workers, Elders 11
The Elders, Debbie and Elf
Debbie and Peter, Negatus and his minions, Debbie and The Elders
"Thank You Debbie", "I'm a King"
"Thank You Debbie", "Twice As Fine"